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1. a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent

in buying, operating, or producing something.

"pretax profits"

synonyms: (financial) gain, return(s), yield, proceeds, earnings, winnings, surplus, excess

– advantage; benefit.

"there's no profit in screaming at referees from the bench"

synonyms: advantage, benefit, value, use, good, avail

"we could gain no profit by continuing"


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Profit (continued)



1. obtain a financial advantage or benefit, especially from an investment.

"the only people to profit from the entire episode were the lawyers"

synonyms: make money, make a profit

– obtain an advantage or benefit.

"not all children would profit from this kind of schooling"

– be beneficial to.

"it would profit us to change our plans"

synonyms: benefit, be beneficial to, be of benefit to, be advantageous to, be of advantage to,

be of use to, be of value to, do someone good, help, be of service to, serve, assist, aid

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